Read how JC Economics has helped our former students enjoy learning Economics & score well for their A-Level Economics Examinations:


“In the beginning, I was dreading economics tuition as I was forced to go for tuition due to my bad grades for economics in school. However, after going for a few lessons, Mr Fok has managed to help me that the subject is easier than I thought it would be, by making step-by-step linkages for abstract economic concepts to make them very much easier to understand. Just by using his exam pointers and informative notes, I managed to salvage my econs results and somehow managed to get an A for the A-levels when I had been getting Us in my entire JC life.“

Ignatius Tan (Catholic Junior College)


“Mr Fok has provided great guidance in economics, a completely foreign subject when I first entered junior college. He has helped me gained a better understanding of the concepts taught and how to apply them in various situations. His lessons are also enjoyable, as he is able to impart life skills and tell us entertaining stories, taking away the monotony of a typical academic lesson or lecture. I believe his unique lesson style has helped me better understand and enjoy economics, rather than viewing it as simply another subject I have to study for. I am grateful for his help and would recommend him to anyone hoping to better understand economics concepts while having fun.”

Erika Kan (Hwa Chong Institution)


“I have always gotten a U for my economics since the start of J1. I never understood the subject. When I started attending Mr Fok’s classes at the beginning of J2, I saw a significant improvement in my economics grade, from a U to a C in just one month. His method of teaching is easy to understand and he often repeats important concepts so we will not forget them. He will also mark our practices. Thanks to Mr Fok, I managed to achieve an A for economics. I highly recommend him to all my juniors struggling with the subject.”

Trisha (Meridian Junior College)


“Mr Fok was a brilliant teacher who brought joy and laughter during classes by telling us interesting stories to better illustrate economic concepts. Apart from that, he was also able to explain the most complicated of economic concepts in a simple manner for students of all aptitudes to understand. My jump in grades from a ‘U’ to an ‘A’ in A levels are a testament to Mr Fok’s competence as a teacher. Not only has Mr Fok been able to raise my grade, he has also perked my interest in economics. Overall, I would highly recommend joining Mr Fok’s classes not just to score well, but also to better grasp the concepts in the subject while having fun.”

Chia Tse En (Hwa Chong Institution)


“Mr Fok is indeed a man of miracles. Economic concepts never came easy to me especially since it’s a completely new subject in JC, but thankfully, he was able to simplify all the concepts for me. Whenever I struggled, he was always there to guide me and provide his unwavering support at all times. The resources he provided are also very useful and I’ve learnt so much from him, things that you probably wouldn’t have learnt in school. Overall, Mr Fok made the subject a lot more tolerable and the learning process extremely fun and rewarding. Thankfully, through all the preparation by him, I managed to get an A for econs at the A’alevels, and I couldn’t have done it without his help.”

Lee Rou Hui (Serangoon Junior College)


“Mr fok has helped me a lot throughout my two years with him. he helped me improve from an S to an A in my final Alevels examination. mr fok makes his lessons very interesting by also adding in stories that encompass relevant economic concepts to help us understand better. the notes he provides are very clear and concise, and much easier to digest than those given in schools.  nearing the Alevels, he also gave us his own study checklist which i found very useful and helpful for my revision. overall, mr fok has played a major role in my achievement of an A grade for h2 economics”

Astrina (Temasek Junior College)


“Having gone to Mr Fok’s class for 2 years, I can definitely say its a must to attend if you want to achieve that A in A levels. Mr Fok makes class engaging and makes economics much easier to learn, as many people are unfamiliar with it due to the nature of it being a totally new subject. Mr Fok notes are great and he will summarise the important content as well as spot questions and analyse questions with us. In the lead up to A levels, Mr Fok will have supplementary lessons that target the important topics which serves as a crash course and intensive revision for us. His lessons are fun and never dry, as he is always keeping us entertained with stories and anecdotes which makes everything more light hearted. Ultimately, he knows what the A level markers are looking out for and he strives to teach us concisely to get that A in A levels. I was a consistent U in A levels for Economics, but after Mr Fok’s lesson, I got my A for H2 Economics, something possible only with the right teacher.”

Derrel Tan (Dunman High School)

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